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Style Crush | Vogue bookings associate Simone Tetteh in Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl

One of the first thoughts to pop into my head when I decided to go natural almost 16 months ago was, “How am I going to rock this natural hair in an office?” On the one hand, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas Countdown | Day 3: A one-year subscription to the Vogue Archive

Vogue has been around for 119 years and now the fashion bible is opening the vaults and giving readers the opportunity to flip through that rich history through their newly launched Vogue Archive…for a cool yearly subscription rate of US$1575. Obviously, … Continue reading

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Quote, Unquote | Diana Vreeland on style

“Style: All who have it share one thing—originality.” -Diana Vreeland, on style, in Harper’s Bazaar Photo courtesy of Advanced Style -Septembre

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Quote, Unquote | Tom Florio, on Anna Wintour

“Is she warm and fuzzy? No, and why should she have to be?” -Tom Florio, former publishing director of Vogue, on Anna Wintour in “Anna Wintour Revealed: Bloomberg Game Changers”

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Quote, Unquote | Grace Coddington on the pervasiveness of fashion

“Fashion isn’t just frocks. It’s how we do our houses, our gardens, it’s what we eat and drink.” -Grace Coddington, on the pervasiveness of fashion, in the Intelligent Life‘s “Grace Coddington: Creative Indeed” -Septembre

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12 Days of Christmas Countdown Extravaganza: Day 3

As a journalist (and aspiring editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine) it should come as no surprise that I absolutely love magazines. I love the tactile experience of flipping through glossy pages, reading well-written, thought-provoking articles and looking at exciting, well-styled … Continue reading

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What I’m Clicking: DIY’s, Fashematics And The September Issue

I’ve been quite busy this week with job interviews, meeting deadlines, researching for new stories and all the other things that life throws at you, however, I’ve still managed to find the time to obsessively stalk the internet until the … Continue reading

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