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Style Crush | Vogue bookings associate Simone Tetteh in Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl

One of the first thoughts to pop into my head when I decided to go natural almost 16 months ago was, “How am I going to rock this natural hair in an office?” On the one hand, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Beauty | My natural hair regimen, tips, tricks and more

I remember my decision to go natural and my first big leap into natural hairdom―washing my hair all by myself―like it was yesterday. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, what products I should be using and what … Continue reading

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Beauty | The Natural Hair Journey continues… My first haircut at The Curl Ambassadors

Trying out a new hair salon or stylist always gives me hives. If you think bad hair days are horrible imagine a bad haircut, or, to be more specific, a bad hair massacre. That’s usually what happens when I try … Continue reading

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Ethnic Aisle | “My natural hair journey” or “How I’m (slowly) learning to love my hair”

For as long as I can remember my scalp has been a battleground. One of my earliest hair memories is of my mother bribing me with a trip to the park if I would cooperate (re: not bawl my eyes … Continue reading

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