Beauty | Manicure Monday: Starry night nail art

This manicure is the result of a two-way mistake. I looked high and low and high again for a deep blue glitter nail polish so that I could try my hand at a glitter gradient mani and could not find one. I decided to try making my own glitter polish and bought a clear polish and glitter from the dollar store. Big mistake. The cheaper products meant that the polish stripped the colour from the glitter and I was left with a jelly polish with silver glitter in it.

Blue jelly polish gradient

Stubborn me decided to try to the glitter gradient manicure anyway and this jelly gradient was the result. I decided to add the silver stars (that I bought at Pacific Mall) to make the design a little more festive. ‘Tis the season.

Blue jelly nail polish gradient


About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared in FASHION Magazine,, Sway Magazine, Filler Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.
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3 Responses to Beauty | Manicure Monday: Starry night nail art

  1. feeraa says:

    This is a really pretty mistake!

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