Beauty | Manicure Monday: Reptilian nails

Crazy nails are kinda my thing. I’m rarely seen with only one colour on my nails and I feel quite naked without some kind of 3D addition on my digits. Lately, however, I’ve been embracing the whole less is more nail aesthetic.

Ayla L. Montgomery, the woman behind the NAILgasm documentary, Tumbled an image of some very cool nails and wondered how the nail effect was achieved. I chimed in that it was produced using skillful layering and have been meaning to try it out ever since.

To get his reptilian look I used (in this order) O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Puma Noir, Essie in Shine of the Times and Essie Matte About You. I love the iridescence of Shine of the Times and how the matte top coat accentuates that.


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Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared in FASHION Magazine,, Sway Magazine, Filler Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.
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