As I See It | Me vs. Lorrie Goldstein and the Roots of Gang Crime

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Yesterday morning Torontonians were greeted with an “insightful” article from Toronto Sun senior associate editor Lorrie Goldstein titled “Roots of gang crime: Absentee black fathers ensure future generations of gang bangers.” In his column the veteran reporter cum pseudo-criminologist went on to list not only the origin and causes of gang and gun violence among Black people in Toronto but also the solution to this pandemic problem.

Goldstein started the article with a racist, patriarchal bang full of bigotry and set the tone for what is to come—an article full of victim blaming and racist vitriol all under the liberal guise of ‘concern.’

“We’re having another spasm of gang and gun violence in Toronto, but of course politicians don’t want to address the biggest cause of it,” writes Goldstein. “That’s the breakdown of the black nuclear family and the reality of absentee black fathers, many of whom impregnate as many willing women as they can.”

The problem is not an eroding social system, rampant poverty, gentrification that displaces and further ghettoizes Black people, a well-oiled pipeline to prison or even a Eurocentric education system with a 40% dropout/push out rate for Black youth. Nope. It’s hyper-sexualized Jungle Bunnies who can’t stop bed hopping not even to ensure a promising future for their youth.

I was actually quite impressed with how many racist stereotypes and Black caricatures Goldstein was able to fit into his 544-word opinion piece. The hyper-sexualized Black female, the Mandingo, the Bible thumper, Black people and their poor money management skills and accidental children.

The piece evolves—or rather devolves—from mere victim blaming to all out criminalization of Black people where ‘gang violence’ and ‘gun violence’ all become synonymous with Blackness (despite the fact that the victim and accused of the daylight Little Italy shooting were both white. But I guess that’s neither here nor there). By blurring the lines of race, crime and violence Goldstein’s piece has serious damaging effects.

This isn’t just selling newspapers to idiots. This isn’t just click bait. This is not just racism for racism’s sake. This opinion piece, and articles like it, have real societal and political implications and influence the way these “idiots” vote in elections. It influences whose bill they support and these “idiots” will decide the fate of these Black people. These “idiots” are the decision makers and hack journalists like Lorrie Goldstein need to be taken down every single time they unleash their racist rhetoric on the city.



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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8 Responses to As I See It | Me vs. Lorrie Goldstein and the Roots of Gang Crime

  1. Pris S says:

    BRILLIANT!! I was completely and utterly aghast when I read Goldstein’s article. As a matter of fact, I was also heartbreakingly disappointed to see that sheer ignorance so rampantly exists in a city as amazing and beautiful and diverse as Toronto. So rampantly I say, because in an entire company like the Toronto Sun, not one soul had the foresight to think Goldstein’s article was ridiculously inappropriate, perpetuating stereotypes and downright slanderous propaganda for the article actually run press!! Kudos to you, for making a stance, and pointing out just how NOT to discuss and think about crime, racism and racial politics in this country if we as a multicultural society are to do ANYTHING to advance humanity, kindness, love, respect, and progress. Shame on you Goldstein. SHAME!

  2. If education is “too Eurocentric” then please explain why East and South Asian kids have not only a near 100% graduation rate, but also an extremely high post-secondary entrance rate.

  3. RastaFace says:

    The lack of response or critique about how the Sun(media) constructs, publishes and disseminates a synthesis of racist imagery & text into the public discourse and its impact signifies the death of political consciousness of the so called ‘community’. Keep the Flames burning SeptembreA – thanks for the healing via your article.

  4. jacob. says:

    Lorrie Goldstein is bull blown racist trash. He should be brought up on inciting hate and hate crime. Not that I care to respond to his ridiculously uneducated opinions, but why doesn he completely ignore the rash of gun violence that exists out west here and doesn’t involve ANY black people ie. Travis Baumgartner? On the radio with fellow white supremist CHARLES ADLER, the two alluded that the issues involve Natives “out here,” when in fact they were undercutting their OWN ARGUMENT that this is a black-specific issue. Lastly I’ll point out that Lorrie Goldstein is donig exactly what Hitler did to the jews. He needs to be fired. Call the Toronto Sun. Tell them you’ll encourage everyone you know to quit reading their paper. Tell them Lorrie Goldstein MUST BE FIRED.

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