Beauty | Manicure Monday: Piet Mondrian-inspired nail art

I have tried and failed creating Mondrian-inspired nails more times than I can count regardless of the methods that I’ve tried. Tape and freehand attempts have all ended in a jumbled mess of nail polish. Until now.

I recently bought some striping tape on eBay and decided to give the Mondrian-inspired nail art another try and this time success wasn’t so fleeting. I used the striping tape to create the design that I would like, filled in the boxes with nail polish and then removed and reapplied the striping tape. Et voilà! Mondrian-inspired nails.

Using striping tape proved both easier and harder than I thought. I didn’t have the curling and warping problems that other nail art lovers reported but the tape wasn’t as sticky as I would have liked and applying it with one hand was quite challenging BUT practice makes me perfect.

For this manicure I used and Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Porcelain Party and Fierce N Tangy and Ardene ACO Nail Polish in Red Sapphire and Electric Ocean and black and white striping that I bought on eBay.


About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared in FASHION Magazine,, Sway Magazine, Filler Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.
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