Beauty | My nail art obsession

Nail polish was always something that was strictly prohibited in my house―until I turned 16. When my mother finally lifted the ban I went absolutely crazy for metallic nail polish and would paint each fingernail a different shade of Wet N Wild nail polish. I eventually got over my nail polish mania and stayed away from adding colour to my digits with the exception of salon manicures which were very few and far between.

Photo courtesy of Style Blog

On my quest to be more adventurous with my beauty regimen and to add more colour into my life and my wardrobe I decided to start painting my fingernails again (with a little Twitter nudging from Anita Clarke of I Want I Got). I started off with a coral Revlon nail polish that I had received in a gift bag at an event. Next up was a turquoise polish I bought at Ardene (What? Who can say no to a 2 for $6 deal?). Inspired by Tumblr and feeling a little adventurous I decided to paint an animal print design and with that I was hooked.

Half-moon manis, ladybugs, stripes, polka dots and tribal-esque designs have been added to my repertoire as well as over 20 nail polishes ranging from neon shades to pastel lacquers and metallic polishes.

My name is Septembre Anderson and I am addicted to nail art.



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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8 Responses to Beauty | My nail art obsession

  1. nrc says:

    Nice post hun, I’m more of a french manicure or black nails girl.

  2. Jim Bob says:

    Hey there negro, feel free to re-civilize yourself.

  3. @Jim Bob Real classy of you to take to her blog and let out your frustrations about something completely unrelated to this post. Just swell -_- (get a life!)

    @Septembre I absolutely love these nail designs! If you don’t mind me asking, where’d you find the animal print nail tutorial? Loooove the way it looks. The only time I’ve been able to pull off animal prints was with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects appliques – blogged about them here:
    Let me know!
    – Cece from

    • Septembre says:

      Hi Cece, Thank you so much for your support (re: Jim Bob) and visiting the blog. I can’t remember which leopard/cheetah print tutorial I used but I found this really good one on YouTube (link:

      I haven’t yet tried the Sally Hansen appliques but the houndstooth one you tried is a very tempting design for fall.

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