What I’m Wearing | Mother’s Day

Before I go into talking about my outfit I want to clear some things up. I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints about bloggers and their outfit posts. Many people argue that they don’t want to see an outfit composed of pieces from a fast fashion retailer such as H&M, Zara and Forever 21 because that is not “real fashion” or “real style”. Those criticisms were one of the things that made me reluctant to publish outfit posts. The only reason I began posting them intermittently again were the reader requests.

Unfortunately, I am not one of the blogger’s who comes from money. I am a recent grad who has not yet found that amazing job in their chosen career field and my budget is unbelievably limited. The only time I go into Holt Renfrew or any of other luxury store is to binge on window shopping or to find pieces for the J’adore category of my blog. The same goes for online retailers like Net-A-Porter, Ssense, Luisa Via Roma and Shopbop. I, however, don’t think my affordable (re: cheap) fashion finds disqualifies me from possessing true style. Style is an expression of creativity, individuality and one’s own fashion sense and is much more challenging to do on a limited budget. So without further adieu here is my Mother’s Day outfit post.

On Mother’s Day I went shopping for some DIY supplies (I’ve become obsessed with making my own clothes, jewellery and other accessories). The weather in Toronto has been beautiful lately and I was inspired to wear a cheery, colourful, comfortable outfit.

I only realized after I was dressed that my belt (H&M), accessories and the stripes on my shoes (H&M) and shirt (H&M) matched my finger nails. The distressed jeans, which are extremely comfortable and are one of my faves, are from Forever 21.



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine, TheKit.ca, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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2 Responses to What I’m Wearing | Mother’s Day

  1. Naddy says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people with money who are completely without style, so I would say not to worry about people who turn their noses up at “fast fashion.” They’re just looking for a way to make themselves feel important. Designer threads from head to toe does not mean you’re stylish anyway, ha!

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