Case Of The Copycat: Dior Homme And Kris Van Assche

*Updated Post*

I used to do a rather regular post called “The Highs And Lows of Fashion” where I would post designer looks and their more affordable counterparts. I, however, stopped posting about these ‘looks for less’ because I felt a moral dilemma coming on: am I providing a service to cash strapped shoppers or am I just supporting and advertising for companies who knockoff designer creations?

I was reminded of this dilemma when I saw these shoes from Kris Van Assche’s 2010 Fall/Winter collection…

…which look a lot like these Dior Homme lace- up ankle sneakers that I blogged about here in December.

While I know that all/many designers read trend reports (which explains the similarities in the collections you see on the runway) these similarities seem like more than that.

What do you feel about designer ‘copycats’ (I’m looking at you Bebe and Aldo)? Do you think the Van Assche shoes are inspired by the Dior Homme shoes or is this just a coincidence?


Update: It was brought to my attention by an absolutely charming J’adore… fan that Kris Van Assche designs for Dior Homme #FacePalm.

So from now on whenever I post anything to do with menswear I’ll just add the disclaimer “All menswear posts are blogged about based on visual interest in the image I stumble upon and not based on any true knowledge on menswear since it’s not a passion of mine.”

That being said can we blame the coincidence on a lazy designer rather than a copy cat?


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Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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3 Responses to Case Of The Copycat: Dior Homme And Kris Van Assche

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  2. adam says:

    hey if you wouldnt mind,
    iwould like to tell you that van assche actually is a head designer for dior homme mens collection and he has his own label thats why the dior sneakers line up and van assche line up have the same feelings when you swa it..thanks.
    lets facepalm together then

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