Guest Editor Penelope Cruz Normalizes Paris Vogue

It’s no secret. I love international editions of Vogue (Nippon, Paris and the recently launched Vogue Turkey) because of the chances and variety that they take with fashion, layout and their covers. I love that their layouts reflect the sheer creativity that fashion brings out of people and looks nothing like the sometimes formulaic North American editions.

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz guest edited the May 2010 issue of Vogue Paris which has three covers.

The first features Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts and Penelope.

The second features Meryl Streep and Penelope (sorry about the photo size. It was the largest I could find).

And the third includes Bono and Penelope.

While I like,not love, the covers these are something I expect to see and have seen as covers for Vanity Fair. For their July 2007 Africa issue Vanity Fair released 20 different covers for the issue featuring personalities like Alicia Keys, Bono, Iman, Queen Rania of Jordan, Maya Angelou and Barack Obama (and the Bono/Cruz cover reminds me of those images).

When I turn to Paris Vogue I expect to see dynamic, creative, non-traditional magazine covers and while I understand that this is all for a good cause Penelope Cruz could have stuck to the spirit of the magazine much like a designer who picks up the helm of a design house respects the history of the label while keeping things modern.

What do you think of the Paris Vogue covers? Perfect, palatable or pedestrian?


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Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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  2. Penelope Cruz have that classic beauty look that is very attractive”

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