Seen On The Scene: Teen Choice Awards

So tonight is the Teen Choice Awards where all the teen dreams smoulder down the runway.

A much blonder Kim Kardashian was in attendance in a white halter dress and Gucci sandals.

Kim Kardashian

Her stylists are balancing precariously on the Jennifer Lopez-Pamela Anderson border. Love the shoes but I think the deep v-neck of the dress with the blonder hair is a little bit to trashy.

Brit Brit was there in a black one-shoulder bondage-esque dress (Balmain?).

Britney Spears

I’m glad to see Britney looking healthy and in fighting/dancing form. Cute dress, alright heels, classic Britney hair.

Rumer Willis attended in a black jewelled dress with matching heels and pumps.

Rumer Willis

It’s usually hit or miss with Rumer and this outfit is definitely a hit.  I love how she let the dress stand on its own with simple accessories.

The Duchess Fergie Ferg also walked the grass carpet in a black sheer number with colourful stripes, a mondo bracelet and purple and black heels.


I think the outfit looks alright.  Each piece is fabulous but together the outfit looks a bit…off.

Disney chick Miley Cyrus walked the green carpet in a white tank top, glittery black mini and chains galore.

Miley Cyrus

I think Miley Cyrus looks great.  This is an outfit that I would actually wear myself. Is it age appropriate?  Is she ever?

Audrina Partridge of The Hills fame was also there in a ruched plum dress with sky blue heels, grey beaded necklace and violet clutch.

Audrina Partridge

While the dress is gorgeous and a very nice base everything went swiftly down hill with all the accessories. Far too much going on an not cohesion whatsoever.

What do you think of the looks that went down the grass carpet?


About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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2 Responses to Seen On The Scene: Teen Choice Awards

  1. Matthew Kilravey says:

    After seeing Audrina Patridge’s blue shoes, the ‘bead’ necklace, no wonder she wears so many bikinis… too much material overwhelms and confuses her.

    Doesn’t somebody on that show go to fashion school?

  2. Lucas Kilravey says:

    Kim does look a tad trashy – with that sort of blatantly sexual physique you really need to play it down to avoid the trash trap.

    Britney looks nice in that sort of expensive escort way she has cultivated.

    As for Miley Cyrus, she does look lovely and it does strike me as something you’d wear! I do think it is a big much for someone so young – one doesn’t get the sense that she is reveling in her sexuality but rather that she is being sexualized to an end.

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