Seen On The Scene: NYC Edition

Sorry for the late posts.  My internet connection is extremely temperamental and decided not to work today.

For some reason the East Coast, specifically New York City, seemed to be the place to be last night.

Model Jessica Hart attended the Animal Fair’s 10th Annual Paws For Style and wore a floral strapless dress with a full skirt and black pumps. Jessica Hart

I like.  I don’t love but I like.  The dress is gorgeous but the hair, shoes and lack of accessories (are we counting the dog?) don’t excite me or complement the outfit.

Songbird Keri Hilson attended the event RISING ICONS presented by Grey Goose and BET and wore a a light grey jacket with black lapels, white shirt with grey bra showing, grey skinny jeans, and black booties.

Keri Hilson

This outfit is 50/50 for me.  While I like the jacket jeans and shoes I don’t like the fact that I can see her colour coordinated bra peeping out from behind her shirt.

Rihanna was seen wearing denim tube dress paired with blue suede shoes and a rather small blue hat.


This outfit has been getting torn apart all over the internet but I kind of like it.  I love the dress, the hat is cute and different.  My only complaint would be the shoes.  I think the outfit would have looked much better if she had worn a darker pair of shoes.  All in all a cute look.

The venerable Diane Von Furstenberg attended the 26th Annual Women’s Jewelry Association Awards For Excellence Gala and wore a white knee-length dress with a a grey print down the front, a gold lame jacket, pale grey peep toes and a chunky bejeweled chain link bracelet.

Diane Von Furstenberg

DVF always looks fabulous.  Her ensembles are always age appropriate yet sexy and youthful. I love the look and I love that bracelet. J’adore…

Christina Milian made an appearance at the RISING ICONS event and wore a Navajo printed tank with a black metallic tulip skirt, red belt, bronze coloured Christian Louboutins, a denim jacket and black shoulder bag.

Christina Milian

This outfit has waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much going on.  If she had ditched shoes and bag (and maybe even the jeans jacket) the outfit would have been cute.  Instead she looks like she was dressed by a tornado.

What do you think of the ladies New York style?  Who’s at the top of your list and who needs to go home and try again?



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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