The Highs And Lows Of Fashion: Chain Sunglasses

*The Highs And Lows Of Fashion is a new section on J’adore… where I will feature an article of clothing, accessory, shoe, etc. in two very different price ranges.

Though it’s hard to tell in Toronto right now Summer is here and (usually) Summertime means lots of sunshine.

You’re gonna need some shades for function and fashion so why not make a major statement.

Stylish celebrities like Rihanna…

Rihanna in A-Morir by Kerin Rose Love/Hate convertible chain sunglasses

and Amber Rose…

Amber Rose in vintage Chanel sunglasses

have been seen wearing one of Summer’s most fashionable sunglasses trends…chain sunglasses.

For those who can’t get their hands on a vintage Chanel pair like Amber Rose here are some equally fabulous options.

Love/Hate convertible chain sunglasses by A-Morir by Kerin Rose sunglasses (Rihanna has been seen wearing the version with the black chain) are available with a gold, silver or black diamond chain and a customizable colour frame and are available for $250USD.

A-Morir by Kerin Rose Love/Hate chain sunglasses

For a more affordable option try Ghetto Famous chain sunglasseswhich are available in tortoise frames with a gold chain or black frames with a gold, silver or black chain and cost $25.00USD.

It's Not Me Ghetto Famous chain sunglasses



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11 Responses to The Highs And Lows Of Fashion: Chain Sunglasses

  1. joannesmith says:

    Haha, this is very very cool. I love the idea, but I don’t think you necessarily need to give 250$ to have them. It’s pretty easy to make these things with some chain and a pair of wayfarrers (not original, you can find them with 10 euros, lol)

  2. utfabm says:

    I don’t know how I discovered this post, but my initial reaction is that this trend will quickly date itself. The people wearing them are pretty, but the glasses themselves seem a little silly looking. I am no kind of fashion authority, though.

  3. i’m so over these sunglasses, but i can’t stop staring at rihanna’s balenciaga cluth!

  4. Phoebe says:

    WOW from $250 to $25!!! I’m ALL over it, I swear there isnt anyone else on this planet that can pay that much for something that is easily made or purchased elsewhere. I’m going for the Ghetto Famous. Thanks for the post!

  5. Lucas says:

    The Ghetto Famous is a remarkable deal.

    I have to agree with the previous comment that this will prove an ephemeral trend though – cute as they are, sleek will always have the advantage.

  6. Greg Kitchen says:

    You can see the original chain sunglasses in magazine from the 1980’s and 1990’s. They were made by MERCURA NYC, worn by Debbie Gibson among other musicians. The MERCURA NYC CHAINS were filmed on Bobby Brown in the 1980’s and owned by several interesting people at the Chelsea Hotel NYC including Shirley Clarke in 1988. Jose Eber in LA carried the line for many years, until he passed and a new manager took over the beauty center. Shops in New York, like Barney’s at 17th Street had them in their windows and there is an article about the original copywright by MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES in a 1989 newspaper, as they were so popular.
    MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES still makes them and Hilory Beckford(management of models and mom of Tyson) wears them, as does Lil Kim, Marc Suefentes and a series of divas.
    The others or rip offs are claiming they were “inspired” by MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES, but stylists see the copy cat situation is dangerous to innovative thinkers who have to make a living too!
    Check Rachel Gilman’s blog to see an American stylist’s opinion!

  7. It is very curious to see the name”Kerin Rose” used by Ms. Wineberger as the real “Kerin Rose” has complained to us that her name is copyrighted and she has warned Ms Wineberger not to use it.
    We also have copyrighted this chain innovation and warned Ms Wineberger not to use it, so we are not alone.
    It is not illegal to make silly nasty comments as Ms Wineberger and her associates have made about people copying them when hers are the cheapest of frames and actual copies…but it is illegal for her to keep breaking these copyrights which have been out there for decades!

  8. Jaro says:

    I am one the lucky ones on the planet. I have just bought the same pair of Chanel sunglasses as Amber. I have wanted a pair since i first saw them in a mag years ago. Now i have them.
    I would like to know how rare these glasses are. Can anyone tell me!

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  10. Cupcake says:

    Okay now if you go to search sunglasses they have them for ($14.99) big diff from damn $250 to $14.99

  11. Winona says:

    I would expect Rhianna and Amber Rose to be wearing the Chanel and Balenciaga versions of this, not the $250 pairs. Though they look good too.

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