As I See It: The Lady Gaga Edition

Lady Gaga was seen out and about wearing this interesting outfit.

 Lady Gaga

Then I was over at The Cut and I read this quote:

“What do you look like when you go home? Do you dress like this all the time?’ It’s rude! It’s not nice … (Lady Gaga) is who I am. Me and my hair bow, we go to bed together. She sleeps where I sleep.”

And who can forget the teacup?

Lady Gaga

Now I understand that she is an entertainer but when and where does Lady Gaga end and Stefani Gabriella Germanotta begin?

Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy many of her fashion choices but there are some things that she wears (and does not wear) simply for the theatricality and the attention.  Many artists have a stage persona or alter ego (Beyonce=Sasha Fierce, Ciara=Super C) but when does the show end for Lady Gaga?  Is Lady Gaga about to be the music industry’s version of Speidi who will do anything for the flashing lights?



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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