Linda Farrow – Jeremy Scott Sunglasses

J’adore reader Liz wanted to know where she could find a pair of those Minnie Mouse flip-up sunglasses that Lady Gaga wore in her “Paparazzi” video.

Linda Farrow - Jeremey Scott sunglasses

Well you asked and I found them.

The glasses are from a collaboration between sunglass designer Linda Farrow and fashion designer Jeremy Scott and retail for about $478USD. 

If you would like to purchase a pair your best bet is ebay.

Hope this was helpful.

While doing my little search I also found out that those glasses that Fergie wore to here and here are also from the Linda Farrows – Jeremy Scott collaboration.Linda Farrow - Jeremy Scott sunglasses-Septembre

About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared in FASHION Magazine,, Sway Magazine, Filler Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.
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14 Responses to Linda Farrow – Jeremy Scott Sunglasses

  1. Amy Green says:

    But WHERE do they retail?

  2. heyyyy!!!!
    omggg i wantt thosee glassess
    im so deseperate i want em so badd!!!
    whhere i can find em please respondd!!:(

    • Septembre says:

      Hi Isaac.
      Those Linda Farrow – Jeremy Scott sunglasses seem too hot to stock. Your best bet is to try ebay. Good luck and if you find them let me know!

  3. Amy says:

    I cannot find these sunglasses on ebay… anywhere else I can check??

  4. Caspian says:

    I guess one may consider and buy them there… just a suggestion… or, one may look elsewhere – we all love a bit of a challenge – NOT! really, why buy it from the official website if you can search the rest of the web… tat tat

  5. megan says:


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