Rollasole: The Flats Vending Machine

This is the most brilliant invention/idea ever!

Picture this: You’re at a club, a wedding or just a day of shopping and you’re not wearing the most sensible of footwear.  Your feet are killing you but you don’t want to be that girl who is seen walking around barefoot with her shoes in her hand.  So you walk up to the vending machine and buy a pair of flats!


Rollasole is the brainchild of British lad Matt Horan who currently supplies a number of British clubs with his Rollasole vending machines.

“After getting tired of giving my girlfriend a piggyback home every Saturday night, I had a ‘eureka’ moment,” he says.

For just £5 you get a pair of shimmery flats AND a bag to put your painful footwear in.

Unfortunately, Rollasole’s are not available outside of Britain but a girl can dream.



About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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