Blogger Spotlight

[Disclaimer: the blogs that I am going to list here are all Canadian.  International Edition coming soon!]

My decision to star blogging was inspired by quite a few things: my love of writing, fashion itself, beauty, creative expression and other blogs.  One of those blogs that fanned the fashion and blogging fires is JAK & JIL put together by Canada’s (representing Etobicoke) own Tommy Ton.

Tommy Ton

Each season Ton travels to fashion week in New York, Paris and Milan and photographs fashion’s who’s who, the style-shakers and fashion-makers.

Ton is a self-proclaimed shoe fetishist and he has an encyclopedic memory when it comes to fashion so he is able to name the shoe designer and the season and year without hesitation.

J'adore... Chloe boots

J'adore... Chloe boots

While he loves shoes you can also expect to see edgier, more style driven outfits and fashion choices.


Another blog that I frequent is from another Canadian.  A Torontonian actually.  The blog is 2 Bitchez Deep by Jennifer Le (who also happens to be one of the designers behind label Le Malek) and Melanie aka Cherry Bomb.

2 Bitchez Deep

There blog is a mixture of fashion, current events, DIYs and running commentary with some shoes and nails thrown in for good measure.

Forever21 + broken glass=2BD DIY

Forever21 + broken glass=2BD DIY

2BD - Nails 

Let’s be real.  We’re in a recession people which doesn’t mean that we have to stop shopping but that we have to shop smarter.  Cue Anita Clarke and her blog I Want, I Got.

Anita Clark at the LG DIY Denim Contest acting as judge

Anita Clark at the LG DIY Denim Contest acting as judge

Over at her blog you can find information about upcoming sample sales, reviews of events that she has been to, look books from Canadian designers and her I want, I got section where she displays the things that she covets and the things that she’s bought.

Clarke at LG Innovator's Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue

Clarke at LG Innovator's Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue

Last but not least is fellow Humberite Yvonne Kai and her blog HeyDoYou “for the cute, clever and connected”.

Shay and Yvonne

Shay and Yvonne

Over at HeyDoYou Yvonne and her new writer Shay cover events, beauty tips, DIY, and of course fashion.  And Yvonne is off to Los Angeles soon to further pursue cosmetics.  Good Luck!

HeyDoYouDIY: I don't know what to call thes but they're hot!

HeyDoYouDIY: I don't know what to call these but they're hot!

HeyDoYou- DIY

Next Week: International bloggers


Photos Courtesy of Tommy Ton, Jennifer Le, Yvonne Kai and Septembre Anderson

About Septembre

Septembre Anderson is a passionate journalist, cultural critic and public intellectual. Her work has appeared in Flare, FASHION Magazine,, Complex Canada, Vice Canada and Huffington Post Canada.
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